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Joe Ferris
Personal Trainer
Joe has over a decade of experience working as a Personal Trainer with people from many demographics with varying ability levels. He also has a broad experience in his own sporting endeavours having been engaged in gymnastics, dance, martial arts and track and field from a young age. He has fused all of his technical knowledge and personal experience into a style of training that is unique but highly effective at getting people the results they want.

Area of expertise: Conditioning, Strength and Pilates
Favourite exercise: Pull Ups
Favourite workout track: Mmmbop - Hanson
Breakfast delight: Six raw eggs - Rocky Balboa style!

Gonçalo Esteves
Personal Trainer
Gonçalo is an enthusiastic movement practitioner that believes integrative movement to be key in all physical processes - prehab, conditioning and rehab. He believes integrative movement reignites the sensory system to help you reconnect with your body.

Area of expertise: Movement, Callisthenics and Mobility
What is your favourite exercise?: Movement improvisation.
When you aren't working out, what are you doing?: Normally, either researching or working.
If you weren’t a PT what would you be?: A physiotherapist.

Mary George
Personal Trainer
Mary is a self-proclaimed health nut and lover of: the outdoors, nature, art, music and great food too. As a mother of twins, Mary truly understands the challenge of trying to find the opportunity to maximise time and energy while tackling all of the important tasks that keep us afloat! Helping people become healthier and stronger is what inspires Mary the most about being a trainer.

Area of expertise: Functional Training, HIIT, Strength Training like an Athlete!
Favourite exercise: It changes every week... Burpees?!
Favourite workout track: Break On Through (to the Other Side), The Doors
Breakfast delight: Almond Butter Overnight Oats

Personal Trainer
Mira Pranger
Personal Trainer

I believe exercise should be empowering, functional, creative and fun. We want to be able to move our bodies freely without any restrictions; take a sprint to catch a bus, run up down the stairs, carry heavy bags, children and so on… A strong, balanced body needs a combination of strength, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility and coordination. My sessions are varied, working on all these different elements.

My focus is not on fitness and exercise only; nutrition, mental wellbeing, sleep, stress levels all have an impact on how we are feeling and our energy levels. Creating more awareness and gaining knowledge about our bodies and habits will help with our general well-being! I also advise on nutrition and healthy eating and have a level 3 degree in exercise for pre and post-natal.

Area of expertise: Bodyweight & functional training, HIIT, pre and post-natal, nutrition.
Favourite exercise: I don’t have one favourite exercise and my preferred type of training changes all the time… at the moment I am really into kickboxing, CrossFit and calisthenics.
Favourite workout track: Brasileira remixes
When you are not working out, what are you doing: I love to expand my knowledge and learn new skills, so I am always studying or taking classes I haven’t done before (I tend to try out something new every month!)
Breakfast delight: Banana pancakes with Greek yoghurt, hazelnut butter and berries.

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