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Vardit Shalet
Pilates Instructor
Pilates has been an integral part of Vardit's life for over 16 years. She knows what has worked for her, kept her interested but also trained her body and brings this into her classes. No two classes are ever the same (rarely music either) and she keeps the moves dynamic & fluid.

Pilates is a mindful exercise which focuses on core strength, a healthy and balanced body, whilst the added by-product is a toned fit-looking physique.

She currently takes two Friday morning classes at Project:Me.

Josipa Smith
Pregnancy & Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor
Jos is a local Yoga teacher and a mum of two. She has been practising yoga for over 13 years, and teaches Pregnancy Yoga & Vinyasa Flow. She is passionate about teaching yoga to people from all walks of life, independent of age or physical ability, as a way to bring focus, calm and clarity into our lives.

Having had first hand experience, she strongly believes practising pregnancy yoga made her feel stronger, very calm, and more confident as she moved through each stage of pregnancy. She felt empowered, leading to a positive birth experience both times.

Chris Cole
Kung Fu Kids Instructor

Chris has been learning Kung Fu since he was thirteen from different Praying Mantis systems. Fitness trainer since 2006, he has been using many of his Kung Fu techniques in his training programmes which includes visualisation, breathing and stretching.

Chris has been offering one to one mentoring to teenagers and adults helping them reach personal health and wellbeing through use of different tools and techniques to build a strong mind, healthy body and be able to deal with life challenges.

Sophie Gowen
Post-Natal Pilates Instructor
Sophie has been practicing Pilates for over 12 years, is Pre and Post-Natal qualified and is REPS registered. She loves teaching all levels of Pilates and has a special interest in post-natal and beginners.

As a mother herself, Sophie created a relaxed space for mums to reclaim their bodies alongside their babies, from 6 weeks to crawlers.

Sophie is vibrant and passionate and the class is relaxed but ‘Mum and results’ focused and she is always happy to hold a grizzly baby too.

Leah Deutsch
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor
Leah’s extensive experience working with women in pregnancy, birth and beyond as an NHS doctor in obstetrics & gynaecology, combined with over 17 years of her own yoga practise, gives her a unique insight into how yoga, breathing and meditation can prepare and empower women for the life changing shift that becoming a mother brings.

Using this knowledge base and experience in teaching yoga, she takes a holistic approach to create fluid and feminine classes, focussing on breath and alignment to progressively strengthen the pelvic floor and core support.

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